What we did
Brand Identity Design
Logo Design
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Digital Marketing Creatives

The Brief

When MProfit launched in 2009, it was a desktop-only software. In 2015, they overhauled their business model and became a cloud-based software with web and mobile applications.

Once the cloud app had launched, MProfit needed our help with :
  • Redefined their brand image to align to with their vision of a modern, global finance management system
  • Revamp their current website to attract new customers and rollout new updated Mprofit app.
  • Creating marketing creatives for digital marketing campaign

The Process

We interviewed MProfit’s founders and management to understand their customers’ user journey, pain points, and business goals. Our competitor analysis showed us that MProfit’s USP is that it gives users three services in one:

Brand Identity

Work on brand identity began while the mobile application was being developed. We redesigned MProfit’s logo and website.

MProfit had been using their logo since their launch in 2009, and it no longer aligned with their vision of a modern, global finance management system. Once again, we kept existing elements — blue and green, the colours of their logo — and used them as the base on which we created an entirely new logo that better reflected their vision and conveyed growth and profits.

The logo had to serve their website, marketing creatives, and mobile app icons, and in all three uses should be immediately recognisable as MProfit. We decided on a typography-based logo that included a symbol, so that the symbol could stand alone in the mobile app icons while being an integral part of the whole logo.

Website Revamp

The next step was to redesign the website to reflect the updated brand positioning. Modernising MProfit’s brand identity was not just about updating visual elements but also its messaging. We helped the client develop a strategy that provides the most value to users and positions MProfit not merely as a software but as a solution for users to take control of their investments.

Digital Marketing Creatives

The last part of the brand positioning was to design new digital creatives that could be used in lead generation campaigns. The look and feel was kept consistent with the new website and brand positioning.

Whats Next

We’ve been working with MProfit for five years on their entire re-branding, and we still serve as their design team for new features and marketing creatives. The biggest joy of working with them is that they trust us in their journey.

We have been very happy with the work they have done, and we trust them to deliver on many of our organisation’s design requirements. We look forward to collaborating with them again in the future!

- Atik Shah, Business Development Manager