The objective of the platform is to drive innovative solutions for the bottom of pyramid challenges in India. The goal is to enable a community based problem identification and validation, focus and find world-wide innovators on real & validated problem solving and efficient deployment of scarce resources to help solve the most important and critical problems.

What we did
Web application redesign & optimization
Improving existing functionality
Component-based UI-kit

The Brief

Social Alpha’s functionality was already in place when they came to us. With functions added over a period of time, the user experience for a user to perform certain tasks was not clear. In some places, the actions were repeating while in others, some actions seemed irrelevant. We partnered with Social Alpha  to upgrade its existing platform visually and fill in any UX gaps to make it intuitive for entrepreneurs and innovators to use the platform in its full potential.

Built for intuitive problem/solution creation

We made it easier for users to create problems/solutions by dividing it into multiple steps, the form need not be linear but capture all the necessary information before publishing. That’s what makes the process intuitive.

Essential actions placed upfront for efficiency

Social Alpha works with innovators, experts, and investors, they needed an interface that is time-efficient for every group. Engaging copy, clear CTA's, fewer buttons with icons, more labels with text, and all the essential actions on the problem/solution cards and its detail page placed thoughtfully were the key to achieve that.