Soaring Eagles

Soaring Eagles is an executive coaching company in Singapore founded by Sonali Sinha, an ICF-credentialed coach with over 20 years’ experience in investment banking, non-profit, entrepreneurship, and coaching.

What we did
Brand Positioning Strategy
Communication Strategy
Content Writing for Website
UX and UI Design
Web Development

The Brief

Soaring Eagles began in 2015 as a coaching and training company in India with the aim of coaching young professionals to aspire for and earn better jobs. Over time, it also conducted corporate training and leadership programmes. Sonali had a team at Soaring Eagles India. In 2020, Sonali wanted to establish Soaring Eagles in Singapore where she had recently moved. Sonali wanted Soaring Eagles to focus entirely on executive coaching going forward. She approached Bokaap Design to develop Soaring Eagles’ brand identity, positioning, and communication strategy and then align the website to reflect its new objectives.

Our Process

We conducted a discovery meeting with Sonali to understand Soaring Eagles’ objectives. Through an in-depth interview, we explored her motivations, professional background, and plans for Soaring Eagles’ future. This discovery meeting was vital in helping us understand the major challenge Soaring Eagles needed our help to overcome. While it is an established coaching company in India, the company and Sonali are starting anew in Singapore and are completely unknown.

We identified two main goals we needed to achieve with our partnership

With our findings, we positioned the brand Soaring Eagles and Sonali Sinha as synonymous.

We focused on Sonali’s experience in investment banking, her work with CXOs and customers across the world, her experience running a business, and her experience as a coach. Further, Sonali’s International Coach Federation credential was an immediate boost to her credibility and experience as an executive coach.

Content Strategy

We developed a comprehensive communication and content strategy for Soaring Eagles beginning with establishing voice and tone guidelines. Our content strategy covered Soaring Eagles’ blog and LinkedIn as well as opportunities to reach out to people on other websites, forums, and with a newsletter. For the blog, we conducted a content audit to determine what posts are still relevant and whether they needed to be updated for brand voice. We determined the categories, suggested a posting schedule, and shared knowledge on how to generate ideas and repurpose existing content. Since one of the goals was to optimise Soaring Eagles’ online presence, we shared blog post best practices to help it rank as a credible source in Google search results. We created a comprehensive SEO checklist to ensure each post is SEO-optimised before being published.

We also identified content formats beyond blog posts, such as e-books and case studies, that Sonali could create and share as resources.

Our content strategy involved creating high quality, consistent content across multiple channels, and it would be a full-time job in itself. This isn’t practical for Sonali, who has to focus on coaching and growing her client list. Sonali had let us know she would be open to working with a freelancer for content production. We identified which tasks could be delegated to the freelancer and which aspects of content and communication Sonali should undertake herself to ensure consistency in brand messaging.

Brand Identity

Soaring Eagles needed a new logo to align with its new global presence and brand identity. We created a text-based logo in blue, the colour of trust, as per the colour palette we intended to use on the website. We also included Sonali’s name in the logo to align with the brand positioning. While the old logo simply said ‘Soaring Eagles’, the new logo says ‘Soaring Eagles with Coach Sonali Sinha’ in uppercase letters. The letter ‘a’ in the logo is an arrowhead pointing upwards to signify Soaring Eagles’ goal to help its clients reach new heights.

Website Content

The biggest challenge for us during the entire process was balancing the amount of information, keeping in mind Soaring Eagles’ target audience. CXOs and business owners are busy and don’t have time to read many pages of detailed information before making a decision. But we had to give them a complete picture of Soaring Eagles’ offerings so they’d want to get in touch and start a dialogue, potentially turning into clients.

We structured the website to include key information that a potential client should know about how Sonali can help them, along with her experience, services, and method of working. We kept the information concise with short paragraphs, graphics, and lists so that a busy site visitor can scan it easily.

Website UX & UI

One of Sonali’s most noticeable traits was her ability to put people at ease and gain their trust to confide information, something that CXOs can’t share with many people. We had to design the website to emote those same feelings in a visitor.

The user experience had to be easy, with visitors getting to the information as quickly as possible. The design had to ensure that there weren’t any large content blocks that would make a user not want to read the information.

The design and development phase of the website began when Singapore was under lockdown because of COVID-19. This presented a challenge in doing a photoshoot for new photos of Sonali. We gave her precise direction and examples of what kinds of photos we wanted to use in the design, and with this direction we were able to get the shots we needed despite the lockdown, without putting anyone at risk.


Soaring Eagles’ new website has been live for just a brief time, and we’ve already received feedback from Sonali that it’s being very well received. We’re excited to see how the company’s digital presence grows as the content strategy is implemented over time.

“I was looking for a complete revamp of my branding and the website to reflect the new focus of my company. Niraali and her team took the time and effort to understand what I wanted to convey and then went ahead and designed a website that is exactly what I was looking for. They approached it in such a methodical manner that everything went off smoothly. I must commend their professionalism and responsiveness!”

-Sonali Sinha