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Sol's ARC conducts innovative education research to build inclusive learning content, ensuring every child can learn. Their vision is for no child to be left behind through their schools, therapies & partnerships

What we did
User Journey Design
User Experience Design
Improving existing functionality
User Interface Design
Component-based UI-kit

The Brief

Bokaap Design collaborated with Sol's ARC on Project Red Flag - World's first robust and comprehensive Risk Assessment tool through rigorous research and expert guidance. The mobile app caters to teachers and administrators in low-income schools. It helps them identify and manage mental health or learning risks in students.

Setting the Goals

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Collaborating with the client, we conceptualised a reward system that would incentivise the teachers to remain active on the app. The idea was to keep the incentive relatable and straightforward. Gold Stars as a reward is something the teachers frequently use with their students, so we incorporated this concept into this app. For every task a teacher completes, they earn a gold star. Recognition and competition incentivise the teachers to continue evaluating students.

Building a library of reusable components


UI Design

Our goal was to use User Experience Design principles to minimize cognitive load and maximize usability. The primary users being technologically less savvy, the User Interface had to be designed with minimal visual load in order to get to the task quickly and efficiently.

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